Fortnite Offline: New Disservices For Amazon Servers, Other Games Involved

It seems that in the afternoon there are many video games (and not only) that are struggling to work or are completely offline due to the disservices caused by Amazon servers. Among the various products involved in the issues we also find the Epic Games Store and Fortnite Chapter 3.

The Battle Royale development team has updated all official social channels, including those related to its digital store, to inform the community of the disservices that are occurring. It should be noted that the problems in question could occur differently to the various players, since some may still be able to access the servers of the game, but they find lag, matchmaking infinite or other annoying problems in game. I mean, if you want to enjoy the game peacefully, you’d better wait for the situation to return to normal.

As happened a few weeks ago, the fault seems to be all of Amazon servers that support Epic Games and other gaming companies, which are again having big problems. If Twitch, Fortnite or other services do not work properly, please know that your internet connection is not the fault.

Waiting to know more about waiting times for a solution, please note that on our pages you will find the guide on how to unlock the Sentinel of Matrix Resurrections in Fortnite.

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