Fortnite: Not Only Spider-Man, A Leak Reveals Mary Jane’s Arrival

A few days after the debut of the Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 3, the most active dataminers of the battle royale have already discovered an interesting addition to the Marvel theme.

It seems that the season that has as its absolute protagonist Spider-Man is about to welcome another important character sentimentally tied to climbing. According to the latest reports from the highly informed users who are searching the game files, Epic Games is preparing to include a new NPC: Mary Jane in the free to play. Although the lines of code that refer to the character may be modified before she arrives, Mary Jane should be at the Daily Bugle and sell the Shooters. Since this gadget will arrive on December 11, 2021, it is not to be excluded that this will be the date when the character will make his appearance on the surface of the Underside.

Speaking of the superhero Marvel, have you already taken a look at our guide with advice on how to unlock the Spider-Man Skin and the Symbiote Suit in Fortnite Chapter 3? Please note that this is not the only leak tied to the last chapter of the rotal battle and, according to the dataminers, in a few weeks Pinnacles Pendants will sprout on the map of Fortnite Chapter 3.

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