Fortnite: More Than $100K To Be Won In The Playstation Cup

After proposing a Kobra Kai tournament and its sprays, Epic Games announced the imminent arrival of the PlayStation Cup in Fortnite Chapter 3, which will allow users to compete for a prize pool of more than 100,000

Fortnite Chapter 3 PlayStation Cup will only be available to players from PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The tournament is the usual: on 14 January 2022 you will have three hours in the afternoon to complete a maximum of ten matches and accumulate as many points as possible. At the end of the three hours, players who occupy the highest positions in the ranking will split the $107,100.

Here is how the prize pool will be distributed in Europe:

1st place: $1,200

2nd place: $1,100

3rd place: $1,000

4th place: 800 dollars

5th place: $725

6th place: 600 dollars

7th place: 550 dollars

8th place: $500

9th place: 450 dollars

10th – 25th place: $400

26th – 50th place: $300

51st – 64th place: $200

This is the mechanism by which points will be awarded during the match:

1st place (real win): 30 points

2nd place: 25 points

3rd place: 22 points

4th place: 20 points

5th place: 19 points

6th place: 17 points

7th place: 16 points

8th place: 15 points

9th place: 14 points

10th place: 13 points

11° – 15° place: 11 points

16° – 20° place: 9 points

21° – 25° place: 7 points

26° – 30° place: 5 points

31° – 35° place: 4 points

36° – 40° place: 3 points

41° – 50° place: 2 points

51st – 75th place: 1 point

As for the eliminations, these are worth 1 point in the first round and 2 points in the second round. Finally, only players whose account has reached at least level 50 and on which two-factor authentication has been enabled can participate.

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