Fortnite Meets Cobra Kai: New Skin And Elements From The Netflix Series Arrive

With the arrival of Cobra Kai’s fourth season on Netflix, available from 09:00 am of December 31, 2021 (don’t miss our review of Cobra Kai 4), FortniteKarate Kid.

In fact, new skin and special items have been added to the popular battle royale of Epic Games that will attract the attention of all fans of the TV series. In particular, there are ten costumes (five for male characters and the remaining for female characters) added in Fortnite, which turn players’ fighters into real karateka ready to fight. Each of the kimonos represented inside the game brings back the colors of the three main dojos seen within the series (Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do), thus giving players a wide choice of customization based on their

There are several other distinctive elements, such as the Crane Kick Emote, which allows your character to perform the iconic technique used by Karate Kid. Epic Games never loses the opportunity to create new crossovers with all the most significant works and characters of pop culture, and many other similar collaborations are destined to arrive in the future: for example Boba Fett from Star Wars arrived in Fortnite

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