Fortnite Like Battlefield 2042: Tornadoes And Lightning Come!

The destruction caused by the weather cataclysms of Battlefield 2042 has evidently also affected the boys of Epic Games, who decided to replicate them on the island of the Royal Battle of Fortnite.

With today’s Hotfix January 11, Epic developers added tornadoes and lightning to the elements of Fortnite Island. Not only destruction, these new weather phenomena also offer many new gameplay opportunities. Tornadoes, for example, can be used to trigger a whirlwind escape strategy. Once you have been overwhelmed by one of them, you will swirl around until you decide to plan for salvation, without even having to worry about the damage caused by falling. To celebrate the introduction of tornadoes, today officially begins the Vorticing Week, which will continue until 15:00 on Tuesday 17 January: during the scheduled days, the chances of meeting tornadoes on the island will be particularly high.

Lightning, for their part, even if they inflict minor damage and set the surrounding area on fire, provide enough energy to temporarily increase the speed of the character. In the water, moreover, the probability of being struck by lightning increases. However, keep in mind that lightning never strikes twice in a row, so you will not be able to attract another one immediately after receiving a discharge.

The new Fortnite Hotfix also brings the gun to Razzi, which returns to the chests, to the ground and deliveries of supplies after a period of absence. It can be used together with firefly jars to fuel the flames. Keep in mind that tornadoes, lightning and rocket gun are not present in the competitive playlist.

You know that according to a recent rumor, Ninja Turtles could soon arrive in Fortnite?

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