Fortnite: Hawkeye, Vi Di Arcane And Green Goblin Among The Incoming Skin

This morning was published the long awaited update 19.10 by Fortnite Chapter 3 that has reinstated Pinnacles Pendants in the game and, as happens now more and more often, has opened to the dataminers the possibility to discover all future collaborations and skin

The loot of the dataminers is one of the richest ever, since their searches have allowed to find among the lines of code all the files related to three different collaborations that will make the joy of the whole community of the battle royale. The first one concerns a bundle containing the skin of Vi, one of the many characters of the Netflix Arcane series, and its set of objects. The second is related to the Marvel Hawkeye series and includes a series of items in addition to the skins of Clint Burton and Kate Bishop. The third, which has already been talked about in recent weeks, concerns Green Goblin, the herrmo enemy of Spider-Man who arrives in the title Epic Games with hang gliding, instrument for collection and emo Among the various leaks is also the contents of the Fortnite Crew Package of February 2022, in which we find a costume untied by collaborations: Aftermath.

Before leaving you to all the discoveries of the dataminers, we remind you that the Ninja Turtles could arrive in Fortnite thanks to a partnership between Paramount and Epic.

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