Fortnite Half Winter: How To Warm Up Next To The Christmas Stump Of The Comfortable Refuge

Over the last few hours the Fortnite Winter Half Chapter 3 event has officially started, which is nothing more than the Christmas theme event of the Epic Games battle royale. As always, there are lots of free rewards available and some of them are achieved by completing simple challenges. Let’s find out the details about the first one.

The first of the Fortnite Winter Half Challenges asks players of the free to play to “warm up next to the Christmas stump of the Comfortable Refuge” and, unlike what you might think, is a mission that you can complete in The first step to follow in completing this challenge is to start the battle royale for free and then select the Real Battle mode, so that you can access the main menu. At this point you can see through the lobby tabs with the controller’s back keys (or with the mouse cursor) until you move to the small snowflake icon at the top right. In doing so, you will be allowed to press a button to “Visit the Hut” where you will get a series of free rewards, but it is not opening the packages your goal of the moment.

Move the slider until you select the good Santa sitting in the chair and about to sip a smoking drink. Selecting the character will bring the screen closer to him and allow you to highlight the fireplace and click on it with the appropriate button. This will frame the flame, which will be observed for a handful of seconds. At this point, go back to the main menu of the game and, within a few moments, you will notice how the mission will be considered completed and you will be closer to unlocking free Christmas rewards.

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