Fortnite Does Not Work: Offline Server For New Update 19.01

At the end of 2021, Epic Games’ battle royale once again unraveled the cards on the table, revolutionizing the experience offered to the video gamers thanks to the debut of the many new features of Fortnite: Chapter 3.

Between Spider-Man’s entry into the game, the island map revolution and new gameplay mechanics, including the slippery, the title developers have added renewed dynamism to the free to play experience. Now, Fortnite: Royal Battle is preparing to welcome further news, through the publication of a dedicated update.

Epic Games has in fact announced the imminent debut of Fortnite’s update 19.01. The latter will be published during today’s morning, Tuesday, December 14, 2021. As we write, the battle royale servers are progressively shutting down, allowing the correct implementation of the additions provided. From 10:00 am of the Italian time zone, therefore, Fortnite will be offline, with players who will not have access to the island of play.

However, the process of publishing Fortnite’s patch 19.01 should not be too long. In the late morning, the game should return fully online and accessible. For the time being, Epic Games has not yet released precise details about what will be the new features introduced by the update. Waiting to learn more, we reorder that the operation of the Crown in Fortnite has recently been modified: Royal Battle.

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