Fortnite Chapter 3, Lead: Epic Accidentally Publishes A Video On Tiktok

Just today Epic Games asked the dataminers to avoid the Fortnite Chapter 3 theme leaks, but a few hours later it accidentally released material related to the next major update of the battle royale on official social channels.

The TikTok profile of the title Epic Games has in fact published by mistake a short teaser that, although it does not contain particular references to what will happen during the event The End that will be held Saturday evening at 22:00 Italian, lets you guess what We will not give you any more details about the content of the video to avoid spoiling your surprise and let you decide whether to view it or not.

As if this weren’t enough to create some scratching to the development team, to complicate things Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the former wrestler who published on his official Instagram profile a promotional video of drinks In short, no matter what happens Saturday night, there are now few doubts about the identity of the character.

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