Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Unlock All The Extra Styles Of Spider-Man

A few days after Fortnite’s debut Chapter 3 Season 1, Epic Games updated its battle royale with the possibility to unlock all the extra styles of the characters included in the Battle Pass, including Spider-

As has happened in the last two seasons of the free to play, in order to start unlocking the additional styles of the skins included in the Battle Pass you need not only to have purchased the pass (the standard version 950 V-Bucks, included also in At this point you will have access to the “Rewards Bonus” screen, whose pages propose a series of extra styles for the various characters: each page requires a total of 100 Stars of the Battle and, consequently, you need to scale another 20 levels experience for On each page you will find five different rewards, one of which can only be unlocked when the player has purchased all the other ones on the same page and in the previous ones.

Here is the list of extra costumes by Spider-Man:

Spider-Man Future Foundation Suit (Cost: 30 Stars of the Battle) – Page 2, requires the unlocking of all rewards of the first two pages of the “Rewards Bonus” tab

Spider-Man Negative Photography (Cost: 20 Stars of the Battle) – Page 3

Spider-Man Blackout Scarlet (Cost: 20 Stars of the Battle) – Page 4

Spider-Man Golden Reality Suit (Cost: 30 Stars of the Battle) – Page 5, requires the unlocking of all the rewards of the five pages of the “Bonus Rewards” tab

If you want to get the standard and black version of the climbing, we invite you to take a look at our guide with advice on how to unlock the Spider-Man skin and the Symbiote suit in Fortnite Chapter 3.

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