Fortnite Chapter 3 How To Quickly Level The Battle Pass

The first season of the third Fortnite Chapter has finally arrived, proposing to users an island inverted after the events of Chapter 2 and a completely new map, as well as the introduction of new weapons, objects, vehicles, a rewritten and improved physics and the new mechanical

The arrival of a new Season has naturally brought with it a new seasonal Battle Pass, which is as usual formed by 100 levels rich in rewards between skin, aesthetic customization objects and V-BUCK. All rewards can be redeemed by spending the stars you will get at each level step (although many items and skins are only available for Battle Pass Premium holders).

In order to redeem all the rewards of the Battle Pass, you will then have to reach level 100, which will require you to accumulate a huge amount of experience points (we talk about millions of XPs), which can be earned by completing special missions called assignments In this guide we will reveal some little tricks to greatly speed up your collection of experience points so as to ensure you reach level 100 before the end of the Season.

Complete your daily and seasonal assignments

As mentioned above, one of the major sources of experience points in Fortnite is represented by the numerous daily and seasonal assignments that you can complete during your matches. The first step to accumulating many XPs is therefore to try to complete these challenges even during the most exciting matches: in this way you will gain progressively both the experience directed by completing individual assignments, and some related bonuses

Let your companions help you

Thanks to the new dynamic of assignment assistance, the progress made by one of the team members towards the completion of a challenge will be shared with all others. For this reason it is advisable to always play in four player mode when you are trying to complete the challenges faster, so as to increase the chances of getting assistance from your companions. This possibility is especially useful if you are playing with a group of friends rather than with some strangers: in this way you can communicate more effectively with them and coordinate in completing the longer or more difficult tasks.

Take advantage of a series of Royale Victories

One of the new objects introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 is the Crown, an aesthetic element that will be conferred to you for the game immediately after your Royale victory in any mode. Anyone in possession of a Crown will get a bonus in experience points for all actions that provide XP performed during the game. In particular, winning a game while wearing a Crown will allow you to get a great deal of experience points: being able to make a winning series without ever losing will allow you to continue to accumulate huge amounts of XP.

It is important to note that winning is not the only way to get a Crown: you can recover it and get the benefits even by cutting down an opponent who owns one, easily identifiable thanks to the golden aura that releases. After you have killed him permanently he will let the Crown fall to the ground, and at this point you will just collect it as a normal game object to start benefiting from the bonuses listed above.

Play in Creative mode

In case you have finished all the seasonal, weekly and daily challenges, or simply if you want to get away from the classic Battle Royale mode, you can also take part in the collection of experience points in Fortnite’s Creative mode. In particular, you will earn 12,000 XPs for every 15 minutes that you will spend in this mode (even not consecutively), for a maximum of 5 rewards of this type every day. So you simply have to access the Creative mode and spend a total of 75 minutes inside it, even without doing anything concrete, to get as many as 60,000 experience points every day.

Complete the EP charges

EP assignments are a particular type of challenge that is quite similar to weekly, daily and seasonal missions, but with a substantial difference: they must not be completed within a limited period of time. Each EP assignment is divided into a series of steps called phases, tendingly numbered from 1 to 10, each of which represents a small submission in its own right and provides a certain reward in XP at its completion. After completing a number of stages of PE tasks you will then get additional extra bonuses, which will greatly increase the amount of experience points you will be able to accumulate.

Most PE jobs require you to complete very common actions during a Battle Royale game, such as killing a number of enemies or gathering a certain amount of resources, and you will then find yourself completing them simply by playing. To make progress faster, remember that you can also rely on the assistance of your teammates.

To help you face the pitfalls of the new Fortnite season here is a guide to the new features of Fortnite Chapter 3. Please note that you can unlock skin and free items in Fortnite thanks to the Christmas event.

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