Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Earn A Lot Of Xps With A Creative Mode Glitch

Would you like to unlock the Spider-Man skin and all its variants in the Battle Pass of Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 3? Know then that there is a practical trick that allows you to get some extra pass level almost without lifting a finger.

The trick in question is related to the Creative Mode and XP device inserted for a few weeks, thanks to which players can accumulate experience points within some islands. A series of content creators in the battle royale are using this mechanics to implement systems in their islands that, once activated through interaction, guarantee rivers of experience points without the player having to do anything special. To prevent developers from identifying these systems, however, switches are skilfully hidden, so that apparently such maps seem to be designed for training.

In this case we will talk about one of these levels, which is still available. To enter you must access the main menu of Fortnite Chapter 3, select the mode screen and move the cursor to “Island Code”: at this point enter code 3794-8637-4359 (you can add the map to your favourites, so as to Now press the arrow on the directional cross to make sure you start a private game and start a match in this creative map.

Once in play, get out of the bunker and move to the small building with the words “Safe Area.” Inside you will notice several writings on the walls: look for “Store,” the one from which comes out a small orange tube. Found the right wall, jump on the switch on the left, jump again until you reach the invisible wall and position yourself in front of the “Store” sign and then perform any emote. This will beam you to a secret room with a button at the bottom that will allow you to get experience points over time.

It should be noted that the maximum amount of experience points that can be obtained every day is limited and you will realize that you have reached the limit when the number of XPs obtained is really low. In any case, it is possible to repeat this process every day to climb one or two levels, without considering all other sources of experience (daily challenges, weekly assignments and Save the World).

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