Fortnite, Chapter 3: How To Complete All The Challenges Of Week 3

During the afternoon, the classic weekly update of the challenges of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, which received all the challenges of Week 3 that will accompany those of Half Winter in the coming days, arrived.

Here are some tips to speed up the completion of the new weekly challenges:

Receive your next target at Truciolandia Storage (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

Nothing too complex, since to complete this challenge you just have to land or go to the point of interest in the upper right of the island: in a few seconds you will receive an audio message from the Scientist, who will unlock the second phase of the challenge, that is

Collect readings from seismographs in one game (0/3) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

You can read our guide on how to collect readings from seismographers in one game in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Ice-clad or ice-clad (0/3) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

This is another particularly simple mission, since the only objective is to open three different ice-clads or ice-clad machines, present in many places on the map. Interact with these special chests (even in different matches) to complete the challenge and get the experience points at stake.

Slide without pause for 25 meters (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Points Experience

This challenge can be completed in a few seconds. Start a game in Team Fight mode, which assigns all players 150 units of each material at the start of the match: land in an isolated place and, while no one is watching you, build a wooden, metal or stone ramp. At this point, climb to the top of the catwalk and slide down to complete the mission. In any case we suggest you to take a look at our guide with advice on how to make a slip in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Bounce 5 times on the bounces of Spider-Man without touching the ground (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

Don’t be fooled, this mission has nothing to do with the Spider-Sweaters that you can use to vulture around the Underside. When it comes to bouncers of Spider-Man, we refer in fact to the big web webs that can be found in specific places of the map and on which players can bounce as if they were springboards. Your goal is to jump on these objects several times without ever falling to the ground. Here are the points on the map where you can find Spider-Man webs: The Daily Bugle, the bridge south of Confusing Condotti and the peninsula south of Boschetto Bisunto.

Talk to Guaco, Jonesy Bunker and the team’s leader (0/3) – Reward: 25,000 Points Experience

This weekly challenge also brings no difficulty but to reach three different locations on the map, even in different matches. You can find Guaco in Boschetto Bisunto, Jonesy Bunker at I Jones and the Pampering Team Leader at Campo Coccole.

Collect items stored in a tent (0/2) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

Last week we talked about the challenge involving the tents, asking players to deposit items. In this case, you must open a tent in a single mode match, couples, thirds or teams and recover the weapons stored in previous games.

Inflict damage to your opponents to Brulle or Condominium Canyon (0-55) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

Since this challenge is the same for all players you should not have any big difficulty completing it, as it will be in many to land at Bobine Brulle or Canyon Condominium to inflict 75 points damage to the opponents. In the worst case you can try to complete the challenge in Team Fight, hoping that the circle will close right at one of the two locations indicated on the map.

Hit the weak points during collection (0/100) – Reward: 25,000 Experience Points

This challenge is very simple, although it requires a little patience. To complete the mission in question, it is necessary to perform 100 shots at the weak points, which can be done in a very simple way: after giving a pickaxe to an object, hit it again by placing the cursor at the blue circle to hit the weak point Repeat this process 100 times and you will have completed the last weekly challenge.

Please note that on our pages you can find our guide with tips on how to unlock free costumes Krisabelle and Polar Bananita in Fortnite Chapter 3.

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