Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Collect Readings From Seismographs

Waiting for the new Boba Fett skin to debut in the Fortnite item store Chapter 3 Season 1, players can complete the challenges of Week 3, one of which is quite complex and is entrusted to players directly by one of the Seven.

We are referring of course to the mission that asks players to “Realize Readings from Seismographs in One Game.” The first step to complete the mission is to go to Deposito Truciolandia, that point of interest to the north-west of the new island of the battle royale in which there are many trunks. Once there, the first phase of the challenge will be automatically completed and the second step will be activated immediately after a brief dialogue with the Scientist, or one of the Seven. The character will ask you to go hunting for seismographs, that is small devices with the Vindertech logo on top (the classic V you are used to seeing on the V-Buck). Scattered across the northwest area of the map, that is all around Truciolandia Deposit, you can find in total nine seismographs: your goal is to interact with three of them (no matter which ones) during the same game. In case you die before you interact with the third device, you will have to repeat the whole process from scratch.

Fortunately, the devices are all quite close to each other and, in case you are in trouble, you can find their exact location thanks to the map at the bottom of the guide. We also suggest you get a quick vehicle like quad, the four-wheeled bike that allows you to move very quickly between the various places and complete the challenge in a blink of an eye.

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