Fortnite Chapter 3, Guide: How To Make A Slip

After the spectacular event The End that allowed us to discover the real identity of The Foundation, Epic Games officially kicked off the Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 3 with lots of new gameplay features. In this guide we will explain in detail how to exploit one of these new mechanics, that is the slip.

The slide is one of the main news related to the gameplay of the big update published by Epic Games for its free battle royale and is also the protagonist of one of the challenges available since the Week 1 of the first season. The mission in question asks players to inflict a total of 50 points damage to opponents during the animation of the slip and, unlike what you might think, it is a really simple task to carry out, just like the execution of the slip.

To perform this particular animation, all you need to do is hold down the key you usually use to crouch (R3 on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, RS on Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus) for a few moments This way you will see your character kneel down and slide forward and, during this action, can fire with weapons or shake the collecting tool. Slipping on a flat terrain is not effective, since it will last only a few moments: to make the best slip possible it is advisable to perform this action downhill, so that it not only lasts longer but also moves you much faster, making the life of enemies

Waiting to propose you other guides on the latest free update of the free to play, we remind you that Spider-Man is among the skin of the Pass Battle of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

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