Fortnite: Can You Play In Two Together On The Same Screen?

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has not limited itself to de-donating the subgenre of the Battle Royale, but has contributed to the maturity of the industry becoming a phenomenon of crossmedia costume. Given its huge success, many may be tickled by the idea of trying it with someone, but can you play it in two and on the same screen?

The popular free-to-play Epic Games has long been offering the chance to join a game with those close by, but for the time being this feature can only be exploited on the consoles belonging to the Xbox and PlayStation families Just as we also described in the guide on how to play Fortnite in split-screen Features that we invite you to consult to learn more about the Features Features The only thing you need is a Finally, let’s remember that this shared screen function, for obvious reasons related to balance, is only applicable to two game modes: Couples and Teams.

Have you heard about the contents of the January 2022 package for Fortnite Crew subscribers? It seems that the protagonist of the next bundle will be Dr. Slone, a character you should have already gotten thanks to the Pass Battle connected to one of the previous seasons of the title.

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