Fortnite: Boba Fett Lands On The Island Just In Time For Christmas Day

A few days after the debut of the new television series The Book of Boba Fett, waiting on Disney+ on December 29, Epic Games and Mickey’s house celebrate Christmas day by making available the Boba Fett skin on the

“Once considered one of the most fearsome and skilled bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett seemed to have perished in the Sarlacc well on Tatooine. Fett survived the beast and claimed his characteristic mandalorian armor,” says Epic’s official description.

Starting today in the shop of the objects are available to purchase the costume of Boba Fett with decorative back Jetpack Z-6, the pickaxe Stick Gaffi, the hang gliding Astronave of Boba Fett and the ‘ All these items are also available in a package, so interested parties can get the entire set of Boba Fett in one shot and at a reduced price. Find a preview of the objects in the images attached to this news.

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