Fortnite: A Trick To Find Enemies And Chests Easier

Are you a Fortnite Chapter 3 player and find it difficult to locate the chests or enemies? Know then that there is a practical trick that allows you to solve this problem in a handful of seconds.

In the battle royale, Epic Games has a particular setting that simplifies the lives of players who struggle to identify the position of the loot containers or other users around the island. The option in question can be found in the settings menu after placing the cursor on the audio table (the speaker icon). Once you reach the screen in question, browse through the entries until you find the option “View Sound Effects,” which can be enabled or disabled.

Here is a quick description of this feature of the game:

“Activate/deactivate the visual radial indicator of some sound effects. If it activates, you will see the radial visual indicator of some sounds.”

For those who have never tried to activate this specific menu option, it is a very interesting function that could make a difference not only for those who have hearing problems, but also for those who have difficulty in identifying chests or, for various reasons, When it is active, this option allows you to display display indicators on screen that signal through the presence of small icons the presence and direction of various elements. The image of a chest indicates the presence of a loot container, a flame the direction of the shots and the footsteps of an enemy. There are also other indicators that highlight the position of enemies who are treating themselves, opponents on board vehicles and much more.

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