Fortnite: A Leak Reveals The Possible Free Skin Of The Christmas Event 2020

Fortnite Battaglia Reale dataminers are continuing to constantly analyze the files of the new Season 5 with the aim of finding out what the news will be coming in the coming weeks. Among the various discoveries there may also be that of the free skin of this year’s Christmas event.

Last year we received as a gift two costumes, which were closed in one of the many gift packages containing other cosmetic elements that developers decided to give to fans who made daily access during the Christmas holidays. It is very likely that something like this will happen in the coming weeks, since the dataminers have discovered a bizarre skin called Snowmando and depicting a snowman who, unlike all the others, does not own a “tag” This means that, in all probability, this costume will be given to users soon. Please note that this is just one of the skin of the Christmas theme coming in the game and that in the next days we will see in the Fortnite store a myriad of costumes, hang gliders, picks and emotes created specifically for Christmas

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