Forspoken, Pc Price Aligns With Ps5: The Critical Community Square Enix

From the stage of The Game Awards 2021, the Square Enix team shared several news with the public. Among the latter, the announcement of the release date of Forspoken also peeps.

The interesting adventure has in fact shown itself in action in a trailer unpublished, concluded with the confirmation that the RPG action open-world will reach the shores of PC and PlayStation 5 on the next 24 May Pending the spring of next year, Square Enix has started to make available the first information related to the distribution of the game. Among the latter, a detail in particular attracted the attention of the public.

We are talking about the list price of the PC version of Forspoken. From the Steam catalogue pages, we learn that the game will be proposed on the Valve platform at a price higher than the traditional PC community. Just like on PlayStation Store, Steam indicates in fact in 79.99 euros the price of the Standard version of Forspoken. The figure rises to 104.99 euros if you consider the Digital Deluxe Edition of the Action RPG.

The announcement seems to confirm a change of policy in the Square Enix home, at the same time as the announcement of the price of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, available exclusively on Epic Games Store. The public did not silently accept the news, with the network that is seeing multiple criticisms of this choice emerge.

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