Forspoken On Ps5: Dualsense Support And Graphics, Performance And Ray Tracing Modes

After showing up in a new gameplay trailer on the prestigious stage of The Game Awards 2021, Forspoken presented himself to the industry press, who was able to observe the title Square Enix in action in preview.

As part of the international coverage dedicated to production, it was also possible to learn some details about the technical sector of the PS5 version of Forspoken. Specifically, the Creative Producer of the game, Raio Mitsuno, has confirmed that the console users can count on three different modes of use of the title:

Graphics Mode: with 4K resolution and 30 fps frame rate;

: with 4K resolution and 30 fps frame rate; Performance Mode: with 1440p/2K resolution and 60 fps frame rate;

: With 1440p/2K resolution and 60 fps frame rate; Ray Tracing Mode: in this case, players will be able to observe the effects of Ray Tracing on the game world. For now, however, no details on the team’s goals in terms of frame rate and resolution have been shared;

Raio Mistuno has also confirmed that on PS5 Forspoken will support the unique features of the controller. In particular, through the adaptive triggers and the aptic feedback, each of the magic used by the protagonist can offer a different tactile feedback.

For every detail on what will have to offer the gameplay of this new open world, we refer you to the recent preview of Forspoken, signed by our Giuseppe Arace. We remind you that the Action RPG will land on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 24, 2022. Outside the console world, Forspoken will be offered at 79.99 euros on Steam, with list price aligned to that of Sony hardware.

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