Force Horizon 5: New Patch Available On Pc And Xbox, Details

After enjoying the triumphant launch, the Playground Games guys continue to work to improve the experience offered by Forza Horizon 5, the latest member of Microsoft’s open world racing series.

The UK software house, which remains engaged in the development of Fable, has packaged a new patch, now available for all owners of Forza Horizon 5 on Windows PC, Xbox Series X Plus and Xbox One. This is not a relevant update from the content point of view, in that it deals with putting a patch to some small technical problems.

In addition to improving server and performance stability, the new update of Force Horizon 5 brings improvements to online infrastructure and matchmaking management. The bugs that some players disappeared from the matchmaking queue were also fixed, and others were unable to reach their friends on another server. Finally, a problem related to the Direct Storage of Xbox Series X

We know that the list of known issues of Force Horizon 5 goes on, and Playground Games will continue to work in the coming weeks to resolve any technical issue.

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