Football Manager 2022: The Tricks To Win In Career Mode

Footbal Manager 2022, the new chapter of the acclaimed Sports Interactive management series, has finally made its official debut on the market: thousands of aspiring coaches are already ready to build their own spectacular career.

While the series veterans will already know how to move within the amount of data, screens and information that the game provides, new users may need more time to settle in. These tips will help the neophytes learn the basic concepts of the title.

Study a tactic suitable for your rose

Unlike other football players like FIFA 22 or eFootball 2022, in Football Manager 2022 you will not be able to play in the field to directly influence the outcome of the matches. Your main influence on the results is based on your ability to study tactics that are suitable to face each opponent. You will need to look for the form and style of play that best suits the features of your rose, allowing your players to express themselves best on the field. Setting a tactic that is not suitable for the individual characteristics of your players or unbalanced to the level of your opponent will result in the inevitable arrival of negative results. For more advice on this, check out our guide to the best 2022 Football Manager modules.

Take Your Times

Although the amount of information and screens proposed by the game may seem overwhelming, the best thing to do is to take the time you need to familiarize yourself with the various areas of the game menu, where you will spend most of your time. By doing so you will memorize the interface details and you can take advantage of the time to examine all data related to your team, from the most generic to the most specific ones.

Do not make promises you cannot keep

As in every chapter of the series, in Football Manager 2022 the psychological component plays a fundamental role in the economy of a winning team: keeping the overall morale of the team and individual athletes high can contribute to the achievement of positive results in the field. To do this, you will have to be very careful about the dynamics and hierarchies of the locker room: in particular, it will be important to keep all the promises you will make to your players when purchasing or renewing contracts, or when they will make special requests during the Failure to fulfill promises will have a very negative impact on the morale of individual players and the team, making it harder to achieve great success.

Delegated responsibilities

If you do not want to manage every single managerial aspect yourself, there is the possibility to delegate some (or a large part) of the responsibilities to your staff members, so that you can focus only on the really important aspects. You can do it directly on the first day of work through a dedicated screen in the incoming mail, or you can individually change the responsibilities later, whenever you want. If you are not a veteran of the series we recommend you to delegate in particular the training, the management of U20 and U18 and the analysis of big data (one of the new features of this edition).

Avoid buying compulsively

Despite the enthusiasm of digital football market and the need to strengthen the rose in some key roles, you will have to avoid rushing to purchase whenever you have the necessary budget. It is always better to bring patience and explore everything the virtual market offers at that time: loans, players in contract expiration and players in the off-road with the club are just some examples of the possibilities you will have to save money during a market session. Also, always try to build a team of as many experts as possible, so that you quickly receive detailed reports on a particular player’s abilities, as well as direct assessments of his usefulness in the rose if you decide to buy it.

If you want to know more about the game, we refer you to our review of Football Manager 2022.

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