Fip Ebaskettour 2021: Assigned The First Teams Of The Italian Ebasket!

The FIP andBasket Tour teams were awarded for the first time at the end of four tournaments with an intense competitive rate.

The first export titles were played in a year when the FIP celebrated its first hundred years of life, demonstrating a continuous evolution of basketball and the preferences of young people that FIP intercepts.

The tournaments, of course, were held on the last iteration of the basketball made by 2K. By the way, have you already read our review of NBA 2K22?

Artem “FabalousFabalo” Kulyk (PS4) and Marco “Drg_YoungPascal” Montemurro (PS5) are the champions of Italy 1v1 2021, while the BFT Sports (PS4)

Artem “FabalousFabalo” beat in the final for 2-0 Lorenzo “Mad_Mile_” Milella until that time undefeated, same result for Marco “Drg_YoungPascal” against Fabr

FabalousFabalo wins the PS4 title and wins a FIP Tournament andBasket Tour on the third attempt after being second in the invitation and registration preparation tournaments that have been held since September: “Finally, after two Final

Drg_YoungPascal, on the other hand, even if he is at the first championship, has a winning tradition in the PS5 FIP ebasket circuit. He won the Tournament in the inscription last November 11 beating in the final against FabalousFabalo: “I found myself very well to participate: organization and regulation very clear and well structured – said Marco, 23 years old, student of ITS Cucco

For the 5v5 tournaments, the 2021 Italian Champions are BTF Sports (PS4) and Mkers (PS5). The BFT Sports, which won the FIP andBasket Tour in November under the name of 2KBoys, almost with the same training they showed up at this Italian championship. They won Race1 52-38 and then Race2 for abandoning the Milan eSports that had technical problems.

The Mkers confirmed how good they did this year and the first place of the November friendly tournament and set themselves up for 2-0 against the Maze eSports. Race1 was very much fought (59-58), while Race2 saw, after a start to au pair, the Mkers spread: “It was not easy for us, but we succeeded and of course we are happy – explains Ilyass Kamal, captain of the

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