Final Fantasy Xvi: The Adult Version Of Jill Revealed By An Artist From Square-Enix?

Following the official showcase at the PlayStation Showcase in 2020, Square-Enix has been centling the information on Final Fantasy XVI, and there are still many details related to JRPG that still remain wrapped in the mix

The reveal trailer of Final Fantasy XVI initially presented some of the heroes who will accompany us on this new journey, including Jill, companion of the protagonist Clive and younger brother Joshua. An artwork from Square-Enix showed the youthful versions of the three characters of FF XVI, but Clive also appeared in adulthood, letting us understand that the game could contain time jumps during the adventure.

A new post published on Twitter by an artist from Square-Enix, Kazuya Takashi, may now have shown us the adult version of Jill, so far only shown in youthful dresses by Japanese publisher. The splendid illustration, to which you can take a look at the bottom of the news, reports a simple “2022” as caption, to possible confirmation that during this year will come updates on the state of the work of Final Fantasy XVI. In any case, we are not allowed to know if the girl actually matches Jill, as suggested by the speculations of the hungry news players on the JRPG.

Square-Enix recently revealed that it was about six months behind schedule in the development of Final Fantasy XVI due to problems caused by Coronavirus pandemic. The publisher is planning to return to talk about the title during the spring of this year.

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