Final Fantasy Xv: Cindy Aurum In Action In A Cosplay Of The Russian Nana

Every generation of Final Fantasy changes the whole cast. There are very few games in the Square Enix series that have brought back previous characters, including remakes like the recent Final Fantasy 7. Among the last to have been successful there is also Final Fantasy XV, the last distributed by Square Enix waiting for news on episode XVI.

The protagonists of this new fantasy world where they will have to stop a feud between Lucis and Niflheim wander around by removing enemies and strengthening themselves. But it will also be necessary to help outside the main group in Final Fantasy XV, and one of these aids will be given by Cindy Aurum.

Cid’s nephew, the girl is an expert and capable mechanics but also beautiful, who will often take care of the car of the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. She will visit often, in which way she will show off her abilities. Cindy was a very appreciated female character and for this reason there are also the cosplayers who interpret it.

One of the last in chronological order is Nana Kuronoma, with the Russian presenting this cosplay by Cindy Aurum well done and ready for the opera, to put hand again to a car, showing also the first and the after of the Luxlo also proposed Cindy Aurum on a cosplay video.

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