Final Fantasy Xiv Is Free To Play Or Is It Paid?

Just a few days ago he made his debut Endwalker, the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, the popular online title license Square Enix. Do you want to get close to the game to try out the new DLC and are you curious to know if the game is free or requires a monthly fee to be played? Then you’re in the right place.

Unlike most modern online titles, Final Fantasy XIV is not free: if you want to play the title in question, in fact, you have to pay a monthly fee whose cost varies according to a number of factors. The basic version of the subscription, called “Entry,” has a price of 10.99 euros per month (30 days) with a simple limitation: Entry subscribers can create only one character on each server with a maximum of eight characters.

The Standard version of the subscription is slightly higher but less limited, since in this case the maximum of characters per server is raised to eight and the general one to forty. In this case the monthly price varies according to the subscription period: if you subscribe only for one month you pay 12.99 euros, the 90-day subscription has a monthly cost of 11.99 euros and the 180-day subscription is reduced to 10.99 euros. The cost of the standard version of the game and the various expansions must be added to the monthly subscription price. Some versions of the game also include a month’s subscription, not to mention the ability to try the game for free for a month by registering on the official website. It should also be noted that Sony consoles do not require an active subscription to the PlayStation Plus service.

Don’t you want to pay? No problem, you can download the free version of Final Fantasy 14 on PC and PlayStation Store, this free version will allow you to play up to level 60 the basic version of the game and the first expansion without any type of cost and without subscription, while to continue

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