Final Fantasy, Waiting For The Xvi: We Rediscover All The Games Of The Jrpg Series!

While the audience is waiting for updates on the next debut of Final Fantasy XVI, the series of the Square Enix home has seen Final Fantasy XIV become one of the great protagonists of The Game Awards 2021.

Meanwhile, Cloud and comrades have become protagonists of yet another debut, thanks to the launch of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. But it’s not over: on mobile has found space the unexpected spin-off Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, while Square Enix has finally confirmed also the launch date of Chocobo GP, expected exclusively on In short, overall it is a period of great ferment for the long-lived series, with fans of JRPG who in recent years have been able to discover new adventures and meet old friends.

In this climate, the Editorial Staff decided to turn momentarily to the past, to try to take stock of this monumental video-gaming saga. Between spin-off, remake, main chapters and a real myriad of characters, Everyeye is making its way into the maze of Fantasie Finals that have followed the different platforms over the decades. To clarify all the games in the Final Fantasy series, we had 14 minutes: the duration of the video dedicated to the Square Enix series you find opening this news and on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye. Enjoy!

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