Final Fantasy Vii Remake: What Would It Be Like With The Original Fixed Frame? Here’s The Movie

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has offered players the chance to relive the 1997 experience with a completely renovated graphics, especially in the next-gen Integrade version. A fan has recreated the atmosphere of the original adventure thanks to the skillful use of the shots.

The YouTuber Final FanTV has recreated 6 minutes of videos of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that resemble much more than the original adventure published in 1997 by Square Enix. All this thanks to the clever use of the camera and fixed isometric shots, a perspective that allows you to enjoy the best of the environments and the level desing of the various moments of play. In the video, which follows Cloud towards the initial assault on the Mako reactor, it is also possible to see some battles skillfully reconstructed with opponents arranged on the sides. Unfortunately, we are not facing a mod: each sequence has been reproduced using the best photo mode and players will not be able to easily replicate what they saw.

Meanwhile, the modders improve the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade day by day, adding resolution up to 8K and Ray Tracing via Reshade.

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