Final Fantasy: Tifa Lockhart Matures In Blue Dress In Danielle Vedovelli’s Cosplay

The first appearances of Cloud and comrades date back to a few decades ago, with Square Enix who created these characters on the occasion of Final Fantasy 7. He became one of the most successful and beloved games in the series thanks to a story that could excite and the charisma of his main figures.

The events that brought out Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Aerith and the others have returned in a completely new version: Square Enix is in fact publishing, in chapters, the remaking of Final Fantasy VII. The remake allows you to see all the characters in very high resolution, also Tifa Lockhart. As well as her adventure companions, the bartender and owner of the Seventh Sky has also returned to fight in the JPRG game.

It is not only the classic Tifa Lockhart, with the white tank top and the black skirt, but also a Tifa Lockhart with a very mature blue dress that makes many fans turn their heads. The cosplayer Danielle Vedovelli, who in the past dedicated herself to cosplay by Resident Evil, recently showed her work in the photo visible below. This more mature cosplay of Tifa Lockhart strikes a lot and feeds the nostalgia level, waiting to see it again in the next chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Here is also a classic Candylion Tifa Lockhart cosplay.

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