Final Fantasy And The Hot Video At The Senate: What Really Happened During The Meeting?

The story is well known: during a recent conference of the Italian Senate, someone entered the live Zoom and started broadcasting an adult video featuring Tifa of Final Fantasy 7… but how was it possible and what exactly happened?

As reported on the Facebook Grillini page, Senator Maria Laura Mantovani has published on her social profile all the data related to the meeting in question, including the direct link of Zoom for streaming, the meeting ID and Passcode

Apparently someone “interceptiond” the access credentials from the senator’s post and thought well of entering the debate by projecting the incriminated video. We do not know if the perpetrators have already been identified, immediately after the happened Senator Maria Laura Mantovani assured that she will press charges as soon as possible, so as to clarify the situation definitively.

The story, needless to say, has aroused a lot of clamor and has made the press speak a lot, however it was a mistake of the senator certainly committed in good faith, although it is good to remember never to share publicly access codes and the ID of their direct

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