Final Fantasy: A Classic Cosplay By Tifa Lockhart From Italian Eugenia Haruno Bellomia

Final Fantasy 7 Remake also on PC brought back one of the stories of the Square Enix brand in the spotlight. From that Final Fantasy of the 90s that rose from the almost bankruptcy the company at the time called only Square has passed water – and titles – under the bridges arrived much beyond the dozen, with the 7 that remains one of the most loved.

The adventure of Cloud Strife that originally held the stand on PlayStation is indeed one of the most beautiful prepared by the screenwriters and for now was the only – albeit only partially – to be re-presented on the new game systems. The production of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that saw the return of Nojima, Kitase and Uematsu has many fans in every corner of the world and there are no lack of parallel versions of all kinds. And the reference isn’t at the hot scene of Tifa gone to the Senate.

In fact, the character who was the protagonist of this misadventure is very loved by the public and for this reason extremely represented in the cosplay sector. Models of each affiliation and type have at least once dressed the white tank top and black skirt to reproduce Tifa Lockhart in a cosplay, as did the Italian Eugenia Haruno Bellomia in one of her

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