Final Fantasy 7: Senate Meeting Interrupted By An Adult Video With Tifa

Over the last few hours, the bizarre news that involves a recent conference of the Italian Senate is making the social tour, during which someone introduced himself to show a particular film related to Final Fantasy 7.

The meeting, which took place on Zoom and concerning the Public Administration, was taking place regularly when someone managed to access the online room to do something unexpected. Between one speech and the other, in fact, a full screen film was broadcast for unofficial adults with the protagonist Tifa Lockhart, leaving stucco all the participants and the viewers from home, since the conference was broadcast in, Fortunately, the organizers were almost immediately curated by interrupting the streaming, but those few seconds were immortalized by users and now the whole world is chatting about the misdeeds.

At the moment the identity of the culprit is not yet clear, but according to Senator Maria Laura Mantovani’s words will soon be filed complaint and will start the investigation to learn more about the happened.

Waiting to find out more details, we remind you that Kazushige Nojima will no longer talk about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 on social media.

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