Final Fantasy 7 Remake With Playstation Plus: How To Upgrade For Free For Ps5

At the same time as the launch of the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Sony’s team decided to change their policy towards the PlayStation Plus version of the game.

With the inclusion of JRPG in the Instant Game Collection reserved for service subscribers, the Japanese giant had decided to include only the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the initiative. The service subscribers were unable to upgrade the Square Enix title to its next gen version. This decision was recently revised, with the announcement of the PS5 upgrade rating of Final Fantasy VII Remake free also via PS Plus.

But how to upgrade for free? The procedure is actually very simple. Starting tomorrow, Wednesday 22 December 2021, a dedicated patch will be available. With the latter’s download, PS Plus users who added the JRPG to their collection during March 2021 will be able to upgrade Final Fantasy VII Remake, from PS4 version to PS5.

Once the update is installed, PlayStation 5 users will enjoy a number of improvements within the game. Among these, we point to reduced loading times, improved textures and enhanced lighting system. In addition, Final Fantasy VII Remake will support the DualSense controller’s functionality. On the front of absolute novelty, the introduction of a Photo Mode for the JRPG stands out.

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