Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ps Plus: How To Manage Ps5 Upgrade Saves And Trophies

Square Enix has made available the PS5 upgrade of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS Plus. With the unlocking of the option that allows you to access the nextgen optimization of the kolossal GDR to subscribers to Sony’s service, we will show you the steps to be taken to manage the saves and trophies of the new version.

The system used by Square Enix to manage the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the same as the other crossgen video games of Sony’s latest home console and PS4 titles that receive a post-launch update that will be used

Even in the case of FF7 Remake and its version redeemed “free of charge” by users registered to PlayStation Plus, therefore, the data of the PS4 saves are not compatible with the PS5 version and require a further step to be able to Those who want to continue the adventure of Cloud on PS5, will have to download the nextgen version of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and wait for the completion of the installation process.

Once this is done, just access the option for the Transfer of Saves in the initial menu and, from there, recover the PS4 version saving data: the process, we remember, will require the installation of both versions of the game. As for the PS4 and PS5 trophies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, their management is done separately but it provides for the automatic unlocking of the objectives already achieved through an automatic synchronization process.

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