Final Fantasy 7 Remake: One Of The Most Famous Memes Becomes A Mod

The arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC has finally offered the opportunity to the modders to put their hands on the code of the game and make changes of various kinds. In addition to the first technical interventions (the dynamic resolution has already been disabled) a mod inspired by a meme has also emerged.

When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 last year, it almost instantly generated an Aerith meme. In one of the scenes filmed, while her adventure companion Tifa unleashes enemies with martial arts, the magician puts aside her powers to put an opponent out of the game with a well-suited chair stroke.

Well, the meme that entertained the fanbase for a long time has now become a mod called Clairth. His creator, known as Crandiff on NexusMods, simply replaced all of Aerith’s weapons with a chair. Now it’s really unbeatable!

You can admire the effect created by the mod by directing you to the gallery at the bottom of this news, while if you play on PC and want to install it, then you have to proceed to download from this address. The installation is very simple, you just copy the.pak file into the folder “mods” which is in turn included in the folder “Paks.”

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