Final Fantasy 7 Remake, News Coming Up For Red Xiii? Teaser Trailer Surprise! – Updated

While Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade remains mysteriously unavailable on PC, a very intriguing teaser comes directly from Square Enix!

UPDATE: At the bottom of the news you can now find a twitter from the official Japanese Twitter account of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Inside the latter, the mysterious trailer dedicated to Red XIII is relaunched. The new thing is that the text states that the movie is not related to DLC or a sequel. This information was not included in the Japanese language description on the YouTube channel in Square Enix. So it remains to be discovered what the meaning of this teaser is.

It follows the original news.

As a surprise, the gaming giant has opened a new teaser site dedicated to the remaking of the JRPG. The web portal contains both the PlayStation 5 symbol and the Epic Games Store symbol, which is accompanied by a short teaser trailer as its only content. Available directly at the beginning of this news, the movie seems to suggest a new DLC coming to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

The absolute protagonist of the trailer is in fact the character of Red XIII. The latter is very popular with the public and part of the cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, although not as a playable character. Of course, some have managed to make Red XIII playable with a Mod, but Square Enix has opted to limit its role in remake. But now, everything could change thanks to an expansion of the game universe.

In the teaser trailer, available only in Japanese, we learn from a news report of the spread of a film that portrays Red XIII within the Shinra Corporation’s structures. The latter is alone, and is – presumably – seeking a way out. Will players be meant to impersonate him to help him in the business? All you have to do is wait for new details!

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