Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Is Disappointing On Pc: Digital Foundry Analysis

A few days ago, Alexander Battle of Digital Foundry did not hesitate to define “terrible” the PC porting of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. Today, a deep video analysis has illustrated for good the reasons that make it the worst PC porting of a triple production A for a long time to this part.

Digital Foundry began his examination by praising the game itself, characterized by models of characters, cutscenes, history and playability of the first order. The porting of the PC version, however, proved to be of bad invoice for many reasons. For starters, it allows you to intervene on few graphic settings, including resolution, texture, shadow resolution, frame-rate limit (30fps, 60fps, 90fps and 120fps), characters displayed (intervenes on the number of N There are totally no advanced settings like ray tracing, DLSS and ultrawide that we would expect to see today on high-level productions like this.

The most serious problem is related to performance, which has proved to be very bad. Digital Foundry has seen severe stuttering problems and failed to maintain a stable 60fps framerate even at 1080p on a powerful configuration consisting of an i9 10900K CPU and an NVIDIA RTX GPU It didn’t even make any difference to the framerate limit, since even with the cap at 30fps the frame packaging is inconsistent.

Most of the stuttering problems can be solved by running the game in DirectX 11 (default runs in DirectX 12): to do so, just insert the -dx11 command line into the game startup options on Epic Games Store. In this way the game becomes much more enjoyable, even if it does not reach the level expected by a production of this caliber.

Nobody expected such a rough porting, especially after the excellent work done with Final Fantasy 15. More details you can discover them by watching Video Analysis in the news opening.

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