Final Fantasy 7 Remake, How Was Shiva Born? From Storyboard To Final Version In Video

Square Enix fills a historically stingy period of ad with a welcome insight into the realization of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which in recent times has landed on PC with Intergrade, the most complete edition of the game (up to now).

For Christmas holidays the Japanese house gave us a detailed insight into the creation of Shiva, historical and glacial invocation of Final Fantasy appeared also in the remake of the seventh chapter, and its entrance scene. The shared clip on social channels begins by putting the storyboard drawn and the concept of the prototype side by side, ending with the final scene taken from the final product. You can watch the short film, too, and you can go to the bottom of this news: what is your favorite invocation for Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

The game, we remember, after a long period of exclusivity for the platforms of home PlayStation has also landed on PC exclusively for Epic Games Store in Intergrade version, not failing to generate several controversy first for the price (79, At the time of arrival on Personal Computer, Square Enix provided the update to Intergrade to Plus subscribers who had downloaded the base game for free in March.

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