Final Fantasy 16 And More: Will Other Square Enix Games Be Exclusive Ps5 Time Exclusive?

There are several Square Enix titles coming soon on PlayStation 5 as exclusive console time: think of Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken, but Babylon’s Fall is currently only confirmed for Sony home platforms And these may not be the only games.

Commenting on the forum of ResetIt was the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass since day one, Jordan Middler, VGC journalist, has in fact published a strange comment that compares the

“It is interesting to note that Ubisoft is increasingly on the side of Xbox in this generation, where Square Enix is firmly on Sony’s side, even beyond what is known publicly,” said the journalist, and then added that “you won’t have to wait These are of course the comments of Middler, without official confirmation at the moment, but it is not to be excluded that Square Enix actually has other projects in the next-gen console of Sony.

In recent days the Triangle Strategy team has promised many ads in 2022, a sign that within Square Enix there are constantly working on several new productions, waiting to be officially announced.

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