Final Fantasy 16 And Beyond: The Series Only On Ps5 And Pc? Speaks A Vgc Journalist

After the exclusive debut on Sony ecosystem, JRPG lovers have recently been able to put their hands on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade.

A process made possible by the conclusion of the time window of exclusivity sanctioned in its time by an agreement between Sony and Square Enix. Nevertheless, at least for the time being, there has not yet been any news of a re-making on Xbox One or Xbox Series X

In dialogue with the community of Resetera, the latter has suggested that the relationships between Square Enix and Sony may have now established a future of exclusivity for the main chapters of the Final Fantasy series. In commenting on the recent announcement of Ubisoft+’s arrival on Xbox consoles, Middler said: “It is interesting to see Ubisoft getting closer to Xbox in this gen, while Square Enix is anchored to Sony, well beyond what “Most Square Enix productions will arrive on Xbox – added the journalist – but I would abandon hopes for Final Fantasy, unless something changes. Sony wants PlayStation to be the home of Final Fantasy for this generation.”

As for the PC universe, however, the signature of VGC is more optimistic. Middler claims that Square Enix wants to bring as many games as possible to PC, even if later. The Japanese company would be making many agreements of time exclusiveness, which should delay the debut of its productions on Steam and/or Epic Games Store.

At the moment, we are obviously talking about simple indiscretions, which are not confirmed. In recent times, we remember, between Square Enix and Microsoft there has been an approach marked mainly by the arrival of part of the series of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts on Xbox Game Pass. In the future, Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins will also reach Redmond’s consoles. The fate of titles such as Forspoken and the aforementioned Final Fantasy XVI, for which for now there is no console launch outside the boundaries of PlayStation 5.

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