Final Fantasy 14, Yoshida’s Appeal To The Community: No More Toxicity

After promising more news in Final Fantasy XIV even after Endawlker, the game director of Square Enix MMO has addressed an important message to the community.

Speaking as a guest at the microphones of the Japanese radio station Radio Mog Station, Naoki Yoshida dedicated part of his speech to the topic of toxicity. “Of course I am grateful and grateful that the players suggest us to do one thing rather than another or to modify some aspects of the title, – it has evidenced the face of Final Fantasy XIV – but we want the verbal abuses to cease”

In view of the new announcements for Final Fantasy XIV scheduled for February, Naoki Yoshida has emphasized the attitude of the players towards the development team. In recent times, and in particular since the announcement of the postponement of the Endwalker expansion, the latter seems to have had a less reassuring drift, with disrespectful and violent expression methods towards the authors of Final Fantasy XIV. A serious issue, because, Yoshida points out, not all developers can ignore such attitudes, and can as a result develop a strong suffering.

“So I have one request to make to the players. – concluded Yoshida – Please, before sending feedback, imagine being talking in person with a developer you don’t know the name or the appearance of and imagine which one I would be happy if people could do all this in a polite way.”

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