Final Fantasy 14: There Are Great News Coming, In February We Will Know More

Naoki Yoshida was clear, Endwalker is not the end of Final Fantasy 14 Online and MMO Square Enix’s producer reiterated this concept during a recent interview for Radio Mog Station.

Yoshida says that “there are so many surprises coming, you will know more about it at the end of February, when we reveal the news that will lead us to update 7.0… there are not excluded drastic changes that might surprise you. Krile will be at the top of our attention…”

Particular attention has aroused the term “changes” although at the present time it is difficult to understand what Square Enix actually has in store for the future of its online role-playing game. In the launch period of Endwalker in November, Final Fantasy XIV Online saw further increase of active users and the publisher had to suspend the sale of Final Fantasy 14 for a few days with the aim of interrupting new inputs into servers

Final Fantasy XIV Online is one of the most popular and played MMOs, Edwalker represents the end of the narrative arc started with A Realm Reborn but as specified by Yoshida there are many other stories to tell in

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