Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix Confirms: Sales Will Start Soon

With too many players waiting, in December 2021 Square Enix decided to suspend the physical and digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV, due to the capacity of the servers not enough to manage the huge amount of active users on the popular MMORPG. But the situation could change shortly.

After a few weeks of silence, in fact, through an official update the director and producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the sale of Final Fantasy XIV will definitely start again next 25 January 2022 all over the world. Yoshida explained the reasons behind the good news: the opening of the Oceania Data Center, always scheduled for the same day, should in fact allow the game to manage more effectively the turnout of users, thus avoiding the blocks and long waits

Fans should therefore return to play regularly and without any particular hiccups at the end of January, and thus enjoy the most recent expansion, Endwalker. However, Yoshida does not exclude the possibility that the situation may become complicated again in the near future, and that Square Enix would therefore be ready to suspend sales once again in case of further server congestion.

In the hope that the Japanese company will not have to resort again to this unwelcome solution, we remember that great news for Final Fantasy XIV are coming: in February we should know more.

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