Final Fantasy 14: Physical And Digital Sales Suspended, Too Many Players Waiting

Final Fantasy 14 sales are suspended until the end of the year: Square Enix announced that it will not temporarily sell digital copies and will not ship physical units of Final Fantasy XIV Starter and Complete Edition purchased by Square Enix

Strange as it may seem, this decision has been made to try to slow down the traffic on the servers, the game has been a remarkable success in recent weeks and the launch of EndWalker has brought back many users in the world of FF 14 Online, causing many

This is obviously good news and Square Enix is absolutely pleased with the record attendance of Final Fantasy 14, but the company admits that it has not done enough to accommodate more players with active users that far exceed the current capacity of servers, generating

Anyone who has signed up for a regular subscription will have the priority to access the free trial, and at the moment new entries for the new version are suspended. The publisher has announced finally that all players of Final Fantasy XIV will receive two weeks of subscription free of charge without additional costs to apologize for the disservices of these last times.

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