Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Has Been Postponed, But Earns The Launch Trailer

In a long letter addressed to all its players, the manufacturer of Final Fantasy XIV Naoki Yoshida announced the postponement of the Endwalker expansion.

The date initially announced, that of 23 November, will not be respected, but in any case the travelers of Eorzea must not despair, since the postponement is rather contained. The new release date of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is now set at 7 December 2021, while those who have already made the pre-order will enjoy the Advanced Access from 3 December.

Taking on all responsibility, Yoshida explained that the decision to postpone the exit of the expansion was taken internally on October 29th, as a result it is very recent. A choice that has no precedent in the history of the MMORPG, whose expansions have always respected the release date communicated publicly. At this round, in any case, Yoshida wanted to cut off additional time to make sure that every aspect of Endwalker, which will narrate the fundamental events for the history of Final Fantasy XIV, is finished properly. After some evaluations, the manufacturer has established that two additional weeks in the hands of the Quality Assurance department should be enough for the purpose.

To this unfortunate news he has countered the publication of the launch trailer of Endwalker, which you can admire in the opening of news in English and at the bottom in Japanese. While you’re here, you can also read our interview with Naoki Yoshida, who told us how the development of Final Fantasy XIV changed during the pandemic.

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