Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker, Errors And Queues: Offline Server For Maintenance, New Details

With the launch of the new Endwalker expansion and the conclusion of the MMO narrative arc, Square Enix is experiencing a number of record accesses at Final Fantasy XIV Online.

In sharing the latest updates on the subject, Naoki Yoshida, Director of the title, confirmed that the public’s reaction exceeded the team’s expectations. With the launch of the expansion, the veteran reported, a new record for Final Fantasy XIV was set, which had reached such levels of audience only on the occasion of the initial debut of the MMO. Proud of the result achieved, Yoshida apologized for the many drawbacks that characterized the launch of Endwalker, with MMO servers unable to withstand the intense traffic.

In offering updates on this, Square Enix has confirmed the recent organisation of emergency maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV Online. The procedure was launched in the morning of today, Tuesday, December 8, and should be completed: the time of reactivation of servers was set for 11:00 hours of the Italian time zone. With this intervention, the continuation of the input queues and login and disconnect problems should have been reduced. Meanwhile, let’s remember that as compensation, players of Final Fantasy XIV will receive 7 days of free play.

Unfortunately, Yoshida confirms, the only real radical solution would be to expand the servers of Final Fantasy XIV, an operation in the pipeline already since spring this year. Unfortunately, he concludes, it has not yet been possible for Square Enix to implement it, due to the semiconductor crisis, which has materially prevented the strengthening of the online service.

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