Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker Does Not Represent The End Of The Games, Yoshida Reassures Everyone

With a message posted on the official website of the game, producer Naoki Yoshida reiterated that Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is not the end of the games for the Square Enix MMO. There are still news coming up for all players…

Yoshida says Endwalker will close the first round of Final Fantasy XIV but there are still other adventures to tell: “Endwalker closes the narrative arc that we started to tell with the first version of Final Fant After all, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMOs in recent years and it wouldn’t make sense to permanently stop supporting the project, we still don’t know what will come in the future but it’s certain that there will be other news

Just before Christmas, the 6.01 update of Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker was released, which introduced new missions and some additional trophies for PlayStation 5, so we can expect Naoki Yoshida and his team to be able to play for the next season Staying on the subject, Yoshida recently confirmed that Final Fantasy 16 is six months behind schedule and a new presentation of the game is scheduled for spring this year.

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