Figment 2 Announced For Nintendo Switch: Free Demo Coming Out Today

The Bedtime Digital Games guys took advantage of the media showcase provided by the Nintendo Indie World Showcase to announce that Figment 2: Creed Valley will also be launched on Switch.

The action adventure will arrive on Nintendo Switch during the month of February next year. The owners of the hybrid console will not have to wait long before they can play with it, since during today’s day 15 December a demo of Figment 2: Free Creed Valley will be published on the eShop. Waiting, enjoy the announce trailer in the news opening.

For those who did not know, Fig. 2: Creed Valley is an action and adventure game set in the human mind, where the nightmares have sown chaos and invaded peaceful lands. Dusty, the protagonist, is called to sail between puzzles, musical-based fights against bosses and unique settings to face his fears. The game, remember, had already been confirmed for PC: if you are interested, you can visit the Steam page to add it to the wishlist.

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