Fifa 22: Streamer And Trader In Hacker’s Viewfinder, Fut Accounts Compromised

On the day of the attackers nominated to the FIFA 22 Team of the Year, thanks to a report from the Mirror, we learned of a series of hacking attempts – some of which were successful – against streamers and between

Some of the malicious have managed to hack and steal the accounts of some FIFA 22 streamers with an extremely banal, yet effective maneuver: apparently, they have convinced the support managers of EA Help to modify the email and the

Fut Donkey, one of the traders who saw their compromised accounts, commented on the incident in this way: “I intend to take legal action, they gave my account to any person through a live chat, a clear violation I told EA’s live chat twice to be careful of my account that was caught in the hacker’s sights, despite this, hackers did it anyway. I couldn’t have done more and it wasn’t my job to be honest. It’s basic security, it’s disgusting.”

Electronic Arts, already aware of the incident, issued the following statement to the Mirror: “We have come to know about the hacking attempts of accounts and are currently investigating. More information on how to keep accounts safe, including a guide on how to activate two-factor authentication, can be found here.”

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